Facebook Marketing Tool

Facebook Marketing Tool automatically handles all your Facebook Activities on autopilot, from posting, commenting, auto likes, adding friends, joining groups, adding friends to your group and more.

We’ve create it our job to provide what people need – quality work at reasonable prices to help you succeed with your social marketing. We put in the time and effort to understand the market so that we can provide services that people actually want and need. We guarantee you that this is the only Facebook Marketing Tool you’ll ever need.

WHAT DOES Facebook Marketing Tool DO?

Auto Post to Facebook Groups & Pages

Facebook Marketing Tool

lets you schedule post to hundreds of Facebook groups at once even when you are offline. You can schedule posts from different Facebook accounts and you can send a single post to all the Facebook accounts you have on file at once.

If you run campaigns in particular days of the week, Facebook Marketing Tool auto-repeat function will enable you to send posts automatically on the set days and time without needing you to log in. This campaign can run endlessly as long as you have an active subscription.

Auto Comment on Groups & Friends Posts

Are you a member of large Facebook groups that do not allow members to post? With

Facebook Marketing Tool

, you can automatically schedule comments to all groups you are a member of whenever there’s a new post. This will not only make you an active member of the group but also a means of promoting your products via comments, without posting to the groups. Facebook Marketing Tool auto comment also let you schedule comments whenever your friends update their status. Imagine you sending occasional emojis to all your friends status, it’ll make them notice you easily.

Auto Like Facebook Activities

Auto Like is a powerful feature that lets you like all the latest activities your friends are involved. You can schedule likes automatically whenever they update status, any post they are tagged, and posts on their walls.

You can also schedule Auto likes to the latest posts in a Group or Fan Page activities. Scheduling auto likes will increase your Facebook engagement and accounts created for marketing purposes will hardly get flagged this way.

Auto Add Friends to Your Facebook Group

Do you want to add hundreds of friends to your Facebook group at once? There is no easier way than using Facebook Marketing Tool‘s Add Friends to Groups Feature.

You can either invite all friends to your group at once or safely schedule the process and let your friends be added to your group even when you are away.

This is the safest and most affordable means of adding all your friends to a group at once without getting flagged by Facebook.

Auto Join Facebook Groups

This is one of the most powerful tool when it comes to affordable Facebook group marketing. Facebook Marketing Tool’s Auto join groups is the most effective ways to join multiple Facebook groups on auto pilot.

You can easily search for groups by keywords e.g Photography. This tool will list thousands of Facebook groups with interest in Photography. And you can bulk select those you’ll like to join, schedule and go to rest.

This is the best way to have over thousands of groups with similar interest and you can start marketing your products in them. You can also import thousands of groups gotten from Facebook Scraper to join.

Auto Add Friends

Facebook lets you add up to 5000 friends to a single account, huge right? Why not take advantage of that number by adding a good number of friends.

With Facebook Marketing Tool, you can add relevant friends who’ll be interested in what you have to offer. Send hundreds of friend requests automatically even when you’re offline.

With our advanced search function, you can search for friends by Name, Groups they’ve joined, posts they’ve commented, by what they’ve liked or whom they are friends with. This way you do not need to add friends who are not relevant to your marketing.

Auto Post to Walls of Friends

This Facebook Marketing Tool‘s feature let you schedule posts to hundreds of Facebook friends’ walls automatically.

Do you want to say a happy new year or happy celebration to all of your friends, or you have a promo code you’ll like to get across to all of your friends automatically?

This tool will schedule posts to your friend’s wall and what this means is that even other friends of your friend will see your post when they visit your friend wall.

Auto Remove Facebook Friends

Have you ever thought of cleaning your Facebook friends list when you discover your current set of friends aren’t adding any value to your marketing campaign?

It is time-consuming or near impossible to unfriend over 4000 friends from your Facebook account, but with Facebook Marketing Tool’s Unfriend feature, you can remove thousands of friends with just few button clicks.

Auto Invite Friends to Like Page

Save yourself the time of sending invites to hundreds of thousands of people to like your page, by using Facebook Marketing Tool’s Auto Invite friends to like pages.

You can channel your energy and time to other activities on how to improve your social campaign and not spend hours clicking the Invite button.

With this tool, all you need to do is, mark your friends, schedule and relax. The tool will handle the rest.

Auto Accept Friend Requests

Is your account getting popular and you are receiving a substantial number of friend requests? You don’t have to manually accept friends requests anymore.

With Facebook Marketing Tool’s auto accept friend requests, you can accept hundreds of friend requests in minutes.

Facebook Data Scraper

If you are a social media marketer, this is the most powerful tool you’ll be needing to run your campaigns.

Facebook Marketing Tool’s Facebook data scraper can be used to get any data from Facebook, search for Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Users, Event, Places all with keywords.

You can get thousands of Page admin emails, contact phone numbers, website and address all in one search.  Search for groups and users using relevant keywords.

All these data can be copied to be used on another tool on Facebook Marketing Tool. Also, they can be exported to CSV, Excel or Print Format.

Auto Repost From Facebook Pages

Do you want to place your Facebook page on Facebbok Marketing Tool? This tool will do just that for you without hassle.

If you know of pages that do exactly what you do. You can automatically repost content from these pages to your own page. This way, your business page will never be idle again.

You can choose the type of content to repost, you have the option to enable or disable any one of text, link, image, and video.

In addition, this tool lets you replace text automatically in the post before posting to your own page. So you can remove any brand related text in the post and replace with yours. There’s no better way to engage with your followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What post type do you support?

We support all the four post types that Facebook permits. These include Text, Image, Link, and Videos.

Will i get flagged by Facebook for using Facebook Marketing Tool service?

It common that Facebook temporarily suspends accounts they suspect to be spamming. However, we have put different measures in place to ensure you avoid Facebook Ban. And we always recommend to users not to use auto posting services too fast.

Can i schedule one post to multiple social profiles?

Facebook Marketing Tool let you schedule a single post to the groups of all your connected Facebook accounts. This way, you don’t have to be scheduling same posts on separately for each account.

What payment methods do you support?

For Indian User we accept payment via INSTAMOJO (Debit + Credit Cards), Google Pay and WhatsApp Payment.

For Global User we accept payment via PayPal (Debit + Credit Cards).

Other payment methods will be available in the future.

Can i categorize the groups i post to ?

Yes. Auto Poster lets you create group categories so that you can post relevant content to every group.

Can i schedule posts simultaneously on Multiple Facebook Accounts?

Yes. You can schedule posts simultaneously with different Facebook accounts you have on file without difficulty.

Do you have trial plan?

Yes. We have a 3 Days trial plan. You can test all features before buy.

Do you offer Refunds?

No. We do not offer refunds. This is why we have 3 Days trial plan. Kindly test all our tools using our trial plan before proceeding with upgrades.

Facebook Marketing Tool


Test Before Buy
Free 3 Days
  • 1 Facebook Accounts
  • 50 Groups
  • 50 Pages
  • 50 Friends
  • Auto Post
  • Auto Comments
  • Auto Likes
  • Auto Join Groups
  • Add All Friends to Groups
  • Auto Post to Friends Wall
  • Auto Add Friends
  • Auto UnFriend
  • Auto Repost Pages
  • Auto Invite to Like Page
  • Auto Accept Friend Request
  • Facebook Scraper
  • Fanpage Analytics


1 FB Account
$10 30 Days
  • 1 Facebook Accounts
  • 4000 Groups
  • 4000 Pages
  • 4000 Friends
  • Auto Post
  • Auto Comments
  • Auto Likes
  • Auto Join Groups
  • Add All Friends to Groups
  • Auto Post to Friends Wall
  • Auto Add Friends
  • Auto UnFriend
  • Auto Repost Pages
  • Auto Invite to Like Page
  • Auto Accept Friend Request
  • Facebook Scraper
  • Fanpage Analytics

*Do you want to add more FB Account in Facebook Marketing Tool?

5$ for each FB Account.

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